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After my experience with my Lakshmi Sadhana, it became clear to me that I need to share with others, the tools I've learned from my own personal experiences, as well as the knowledge I've collected throughout the years about yoga, mindfulness, Bhakti, chakras and Ayurveda.  Bringing all of my passions into one place, my offerings of Sadhana Sessions.


Through my Sadhana Sessions, I hope to help bring clarity and intention to one's home practice. Sadhana means practice, and this practice which can consist of meditation, asana, journaling, mantra chanting and more is to be done for 40 days in a row. As I mentioned in my blog post, my true daily Sadhana started back in October after a trip to do teacher training with my teacher Janet Stone in San Francisco and up until last week, I maintained the same sadhana until then (3 months). I would wake up, meditate between 15-25 minutes, focusing on Lakshmi (Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity), chant to her, breathe, and then move my body in a way that honors where I am that day, which helps me stay focused and grounded. I have a statue of Lakshmi and a mala of specific beads that I used to chant 108 times.  

Depending on what the client or I feel they need, I will guide them with a certain meditation or mantra, perhaps the stories of a certain Hindu deity (they are merely stories that everyone can relate to, never meant to infringe upon religious beliefs) and a chant to be practiced daily. I would also add breathwork,  gentle movement (or energetic, depending on their needs),  perhaps add a stone or crystal or mala, journaling, and other daily rituals to add to their life (Ayurveda).

What excites me about these sessions is the idea that every single Sadhana will be uniquely curated for you. I am currently offering independent and group events.


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