S A D H A N A    S E S S I O N S 

Before I begin, have you read my blog post on the Power of Abundance? If you haven't, go check it out right now.

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After my experience with my Lakshmi Sadhana, it became clear to me that I need to share with others: the tools I've learned from my own personal experiences, as well as the knowledge I've collected throughout the years about yoga, mindfulness, meditation, Bhakti, subtle energies (chakras) and Ayurveda.  Bringing all of my passions to one place into a 1:1 program.


This offering has been in the works for over a year now and I am so happy and proud to offer you:

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Has the pandemic taken control over your ability to find time for yourself? Are you feeling lost or flighty? Perhaps you are feeling a lack of purpose or relevance in your days.


Are you a caretaker unable to fill your own cup? Often we assume as parents and caretakers that the more we sacrifice of ourselves, the better mom, dad, caretaker we will be. But in actuality we are draining from a depleted cup.


As a student (middle school through college) perhaps despite all the work you are doing, you just don't feel settled or grounded and are looking for more meaning. 


It is time to reclaim your power. With this 1:1 mindful mentoring program and my guidance, you will learn how to create powerful and meaningful rituals and routines for yourself. Feel aligned and step into your power before giving yourself to others. 


This program gives you the opportunity to dig deep, learn about your habits (good and bad) and the limiting beliefs that could be holding you back from living the life you deserve. We will explore these things through meditation, mantra, yoga, journaling, Ayurvedic nutrition, and much more. 


I created this program after seeing life-changing transformation in my own life, and I cannot wait to start this journey with you!

What You Get:
+1 intro session (60 min)
+4 check up sessions ( every 10 days) (30-45 min)
+1 reflection and sustainability session (after completion of 40 days) (60 min)
+email recap after each session including action items, curated mantra, meditations, breathwork and yoga, other links discussed in session.
+1 mantra to practice daily for 40 days
+free access to all my yoga classes on my own personal platform during the program 
+some nutritional support by way of ayurvedic practices and dosha work
+upon completion, curated AM/PM practices 


Investment : $560 (early registration: $450). Value? Priceless!

Upon completing the 6 week program which includes routines and practices curated just for you, you will learn to give yourself permission to honor your needs. You will see how liberating, grounding and clear your path can be. You will leave the program with the tools to use daily, or when needed, to fill your cup before giving to others. You will approach your life with clarity and purpose and be led by two firmly planted feet on the ground, rather than the "shoulds".


Are you Ready? Your life is about to change!

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