"What began as a curiosity in meditation turned into so much more. Sadhana Sessions was not only tailored to my wants and needs, but it also led me on a personal journey in which I learned a great deal about myself and unlocked ideas of what the best version of myself could look like.


To be honest, in the beginning meditation was quite daunting for me. A simple google search prompted thousands of ideas and thoughts of people around the world. I barely got through the first page of results. The text from Allegra telling me about her new idea, Sadhana Sessions, came at the moment where all I could do was show up to my mat and think and occasionally practice mindfulness. We started with a conversation.


The conversations can be simple. For me it started out as “what are you looking for?” From there, our sessions reached every part of my life: food, meditation practice, mental health and emotions, malas. Every session was like a check-up; there is no pressure or expectation, except that you commit to the journey and put in the effort to be honest with yourself and to bettering yourself. I even had days where making the commitment was difficult – Allegra has been there (and everywhere) and is an amazing resource and teacher to guide you through the 40 day Sadhana. And the best part is that the 40 days is like a lift off, giving you the confidence to go forward and continue your practice and journey after your time together is done.


Given the current climate, I am very excited to see that more people will be able to take advantage of Sadhana Sessions. I, like others, have felt how oppressing immediate isolation can be and the importance of connecting with people in any way possible. Right now, I find myself needing to be even more honest with myself and how I’m feeling and I truly feel that my 40 day Sadhana with Allegra gave me a mental, emotional, physical boost towards becoming a more centered and happy me. Sadhana Sessions can be whatever you want it to be. For everyone, even those who are already grounded and looking for the next step, the process is exciting and rewarding and you will look back with pride at the journey you have taken with an amazing and knowledgeable teacher." A, 1:1 Sadhana Session client


"Allegra works tirelessly to be the most beautifully knowledgeable, authentic, well rounded, and experienced yoga teacher and the world needs to know about her! I could not be prouder of this beautiful soul.", E, yoga and mentoring client


"I met Allegra when I was 9 years old or so -- so a long time ago (that in and of itself should say something, that here we are nearly 28 years later). Meeting Allegra was the first time I considered that life could look different -- that these rules that seemed so ingrained in me as an anxious kid (do well in grade school to get to good high school, do well in high school to get to college, do well in college to get the great job, do well at the great job to send your kids to a great school...repeat cycle), might actually be bullshit. That life was meant to be lived in the present, joyfully and full of laughter, choices for how you spent your time and who you spent it with considered deliberately, and that we make our own rules based on our values. We design our lives. When I was young, that translated into wanting to be exactly like Allegra -- getting my nose pierced, wearing bohemian clothes, etc. But as I've grown older, and Allegra and I have become friends and peers who are alike and similar, I've been blessed to have others in my life who taught me similar lessons via all sorts of types of living. And to have had the time and privilege of reflecting on what these lessons meant for how I truly want to live my life -- a life where I strive to love first, leave the world better than I found it, acknowledge and grow from my failures and faults, and never forget how great just living is. Allegra lives life with grace and strength, and she shares this with everyone she meets. Maybe the best way to describe her impact on my life is to say that Allegra was the first person who made me feel like being me was enough.", N, mentoring client