Why I Beautycounter.

Three things you may or may not know about me:

✨Four years ago I became incredibly ill from IUD poisoning which was incredibly scary and near fatal. More details in a later post this month, but after that and two bouts of skin cancer, I decided to pay close attention to everything I put in my body: the food I eat, the info I take in, the vitamins and supplements I take, and the skincare products I use. I go on and on to those I love about putting clean fuel into their bodies because I want us all to live long, healthy lives.

✨My 30s were a complete financial disaster. I have been working hard to reverse limiting stories about my financial health, not to mention set big money dreams for myself and my daughter. I started my debt-free journey in February 2020 and have made incredible progress. Someday I’ll share the story about how I went from living from a place of lack to living from a place of abundance.

✨Connection is my lifeline. Whether it’s my daily morning practice connecting to my Self, connecting to my daughter, my family and friends and all of my students, the books I read, the music I listen to and play, the daily connections I make are just as important to me as the air I breathe. I might hide under a proverbial rock for weeks at a time, but it’s simply a recharge so that I can be of service to those I connect with on a regular basis.

Beautycounter has been a gift to me as this business and opportunity have brought all three of these things together. Working for this company allows me to combine my passion of putting cleaner and safer skincare and beauty products into the hands of all; create a healthy financial life for myself and my daughter, especially in such a time of job upheaval; and the cherry on top, which is connecting with incredible people as clients, team members and other consultants and learning what fuels them, makes them tick.

Are you living your life in alignment with your values? If your life was to end today, would you have regrets?

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