The Wonders of Charcoal, Part 1

This picture is of my dad and his dog, Pippin.My dad has had numerous health issues in the last 3.5 years that were brought on by antibiotics that were prescribed for a respiratory infection. The drug destroyed his Achilles’ tendons and has caused severe nerve damage and neuropathy. I plan to talk more about that in a different post.


Earlier this summer my dad had to have surgery for diverticulitis. It was a pretty icky experience and fortunately he is doing really well now. Knowing that he was going to be having surgery, I decided to send him a selection of the #counterman products to pamper him ahead of time (and also because I want him using only good products on and in his body as much as possible). He started using them before the surgery and then religiously after he was back home from the hospital.


Prior to his recovery, he hadn’t really had to use deodorant at all, staying indoors away from people and still showering somewhat regularly. A few weeks after being home from the hospital and using the Counterman Charcoal Body Bar, he noticed he had really bad BO. Like...raging BO. He mentioned it to me, and I knew right away, he’s detoxing from all the chemicals and other crap that he had in him from the surgery. That’s the amazing thing about active charcoal, it draws out toxins and other unnecessary things right out of the body. He said it lasted about 3 days and now he feels better than he has in MONTHS.

Become aware of what is going IN and ON your body: whether it’s food, drugs, chemicals, metals, you name it. Be adamant. This is the one and only body you get in this lifetime. Honor it. Cherish it. Nourish it. #betterbeauty and #betterskincare#ftw

Just *wait* til you hear about what he’s doing with the Counter+ Charcoal Mask!

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