So, what *is* a Pop-Up?

Pop-Ups are a great way to spend time with friends, both virtually and in-person (small gatherings with all safety precautions) who share an interest of safer beauty and skincare. As a Pop-Up host, you have the opportunity to earn up to 5 free products and up to 5 50% off products as thank you gifts.

Not a bad deal huh? And really, all that you need to do is invite your friends! I take it from there: offering conversation about Beautycounter's mission, offering education about why Beautycounter is considered the Leaders in Clean, maintaining strict protocols on all ingredients used, responsibly sourced materials that are sourced from safe environments, and of course, the fun part--the products. Samples can be requested and there's usually a giveaway or two.

Maybe you'd like to host one of these events? Enjoy some quality time with your friends, learn some things and try some great products. As soon as your Pop-up brings in at least two orders totaling $250 or more, Hosts are eligible to order one full-size product at half off. As the sales increase, the gifts become free.

I am co-hosting a Pop-Up that is currently open in my FB group, More Than Skin Deep. Lots of interesting posts leading up to the Live event, which is tomorrow: Monday October 19 at 8pm MST. Come join the fun! As the ordering window stays open for 10 days, any orders placed within that time period can be attached to the Pop-Up , which gives the Host more opportunity to receive more thank you rewards. This could be you! The holidays are a great time to receive free and discounted products!

Send me an email ( if you are interested in knowing more, or are ready to schedule your own Pop-Up. Or join us tomorrow night to see what it's like! Click the link above to be taken to my FB group.

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