Sitting in the Seat of the Student

I am an educator, through and through. I am an educator by profession(s) but it’s also my dharma. I continually do the hard work on myself everyday so I can show up and be the best person I can be, with as much knowledge as I can grasp at the present moment, so I can be of service to others as best as I can offer.

The greatest place for a teacher to sit is in the seat of the student.

My lane is reading and having conversations. Reading always has been. At the end of 2019 I devoured numerous books on personal finances and five months later I became credit card debt free. Turning words into action.

I am passionate about how I fuel and move my body, as well as providing healthy meals and activities for my daughter. After two bouts of skin cancer and Mohs surgery on my nose, I have become very passionate about what goes in and on my skin (more on this in a later post). I continue to read and educate myself and those around me on these topics.

The books I recently added to my Kindle devoted to #amplifyingmelanatedvoices are just the beginning for me. I encourage you to join me or come up with your own list.

We need to continue to read, listen, watch, digest, and work on all things that nourish and improve humanity for all. Choose your lane/ lanes, be passionate and committed to it/ them and do better when you know better.

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