Open Sadhana

I love my weekly open Sadhana Sessions with the community. They give us the opportunity to drop in, check in with ourselves, breathe, set intention and get out of our minds and into our hearts and bodies. Tomorrow we will join together for the bi-weekly evening session, which includes restorative yoga. It is the *perfect* way to prepare for bedtime! Sunday we will join for the weekly morning session, honoring the sun, setting intentions for the day and finishing with a short solar powered movement session.

These sessions are donation based, and provide a sneak peek into my larger 40 day offering, individual Sadhana Sessions, which I will be opening up for registration in November.

Even though we cannot be together sharing physical space, that shouldn't keep us apart in our hearts. All offerings are currently via Zoom.

To register for an upcoming Open Sadhana, visit my Offerings page.

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