Morning Rituals

I’ve spoken many times about morning rituals. Rituals, routines, practices, Sadhana. Whatever word resonates with you. I was feeling pretty good about my morning Sadhana and then yesterday realized, oh no, school is going to start soon.

Instead of getting frustrated that I won’t have my morning routine look exactly the way it has, or how I want it to look, I decided to write down all the things I’d like to incorporate into my morning.

Well after making that list I realized I’d have to quit all my work just to make my ideal morning happen.

It doesn’t have to be ideal, it just has to be consistent and something that allows you to own your day before giving it away to anyone else. Meaningful.

My non negotiables:

+9 sun salutations

+Meditation (which includes gratitude, specific prayers and mantra chanting)

+Asking myself how I am. Because it might be the only time it’s asked that day, but more importantly because it’s probably the only time the truest answer will appear.

Other things I hope to get done throughout the morning:

+A longer movement session or walk


+Checking Budget

+Reading either personal development or texts for my yoga teacher training

+Just sitting on my patio or in my favorite chair and drinking my tea

There is more flexibility with these, which I’m ok with. But the non-negotiables are just that, non-negotiable. The phone is not turned on until those are completed.

Starting the school year is bringing up a lot more anxiety and stress than usual, as I’m sure most parents and teachers would agree. Starting your day with your two feet on the ground and some clarity in your heart and mind are key.

What are your non-negotiables?

What do you wish you could add to your morning for yourself before being of service to others?

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