I’ve become fascinated by hummingbirds this summer. Earlier in the summer, I was having a conversation with someone who was talking about how they see hummingbirds all the time here in Colorado. Never once had I ever seen one here. I could only remember seeing them outside the window at my grandparents’ house in KY at the bird feeder. . I tend to experience FOMO a lot, even without realizing it.... maybe it’s envy rearing it’s ugly head in the subtlest of forms? Or not so subtle? . Anyway, I was really in awe that I had never seen a hummingbird here in Colorado. I decided I just wasn’t one of the lucky ones. . But as I continued to tend to our sweet patio garden, talking to the plants and being excited for every new little growth, I saw my first hummingbird. I couldn’t believe it. Since that day, about a month ago, we have at least two to three visit us every morning. . I’ve realized that they are quite tough to catch on camera, so I found my @the_wild_unknown Animal Spirit cards to look at the Hummingbird card. And I’m even more convinced now that the hummingbird is a much-welcomed sign into my life:

Positive, Enthusiastic, Spiritually Resourceful

Inside the tiny hummingbird resides an endless well of energy and positivity. The Hummingbird’s secret is that they have learned where to gather nectar and they return to these sources daily for nourishment and rejuvenation. This sacred elixir springs from many sources, but usually involves nature, creativity and exploring spirituality. Follow the way of the Hummingbird and you cannot go wrong. Every droplet of life becomes sweet, every moment worth savoring. When in balance: smart, curious, loves to learn; When out of balance: pushy, insistent, sharp; To bring into balance: take a class.

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