Becoming a Beautycounter Consultant

There are some companies that have really stepped up in the light of all that's been happening, and there are some that haven't. I have to say, last week I made an important decision to align myself with a b-corp that I was blown away by their advocacy work in the world. I made this decision before the protesting began and I have been inspired to see the company meeting this moment in a way I'm still aligned with-- supporting black lives matter and committing to do the work of anti racism. I debated whether and when to post about this decision, and seeing the company's response has allowed me to feel comfortable sharing my story and knowing that my journey with this company will include the activism I feel personally committed to.

Here’s my story of how it all came to be:

Early on in the quarantine period, I remember watching a friend’s instastory thinking, wow she has amazing skin. So dewy, smooth, hydrated, which I didn’t think was possible here in Colorado. I thought, gosh, why can’t I have that? Ok she’s much younger than me, but I moisturize and I just *cannot* drink any more water daily or I’ll float away. So I asked her how she does it. She did a story devoted to her skin care routine and mentioned the company @beautycounter a number of times. I immediately asked her if she was a consultant, and she wasn’t so I scoured my social media circles trying to find someone who was. I was SO lucky to get a recommendation of someone who I had lost touch with who has been with the company for close to four years. She directed me to the Countertime collection , which focuses on firming skin and reversing the effects of aging. Within a week of using these products I was blown away. Couldn’t believe how great my skin felt and looked. I was hooked. Since then I have taken better care of my skin than I ever had in the past, tried other products and observed the company and what they stand for. This is a good company. I am pretty picky about what I eat, what goes into my body and on my skin but I didn’t realize that there are so many crappy ingredients that can be found in skincare and makeup. Beautycounter strives to have the cleanest ingredients they can, and they continue to learn and do better. After about two months of using the products, I see huge results in hydration in my face, sun spots have lightened significantly if not disappeared, and it continues to improve my healing journey from Mohs surgery on my nose. I’ve even gotten my daughter to try their products, getting her into her own skincare routine. Turning thirteen soon and hormones bursting all over the place, these products have been a godsend.

So I am very excited to announce that I have become a Beautycounter consultant. I am excited to be a part of a company that has such passion and drive to create products that not only feel good but help heal you from the inside out. They strive for safety and sustainability, and they continually strive for quality and EQuality with where they find their resources and how their products are made. I have been impressed this week how they are committed to using their platform to make change happen in the world, to help advance the safety, sustainability and voices of ALL beings. My values resonate with this company on so many levels. Now I know, many people run the other way when they hear of a company that can be associated with three little letters that begin with an M and end with an M. I too have run away from certain companies. In the past I’ve believed in some of their products but not their companies. With Beautycounter I completely believe in their products AND their company. I am looking forward to learning from my team and feeling supported on this journey. If you have ever been curious to try any of Beautycounter’s products or to learn more about the company, I would love to share my experiences and what I continue to learn. I will also have a number of samples arriving early next week and believe me, you’re going to want to get in on the skin love.

50% of all my earnings for June will be donated to a fund that supports BLM (to be chosen at the end of the month when I can see where donations are needed most).

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